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What I learned From My POLAR Heart Rate Monitor

Keep an eye on your heart rate

If you are working out, you probably hear a lot of people talking about heart monitors and you may have seen some even using such devices. Just like you, I thought that having a heart monitor is just a fancy way of unrolling physical exercises, these devices being for those that are fans of everything that has an electronic core. But, I discovered that it was nothing like that.

A heart monitor is extremely useful to help you track your performance and evolution, especially if you are looking to lose some weight. Regardless if we are trying to get rid of extra pounds or just wishing to stay fit, it is important to workout in complete safety. The heart monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your heart and keep you away from putting too much strain on it.

If you need more reasons to get a heart rate monitor and use it during your physical training, here they are:

It will allow you to monitor the calories you burn

We all know that when someone wishes to get rid of weight and build more muscle mass, the ration between calorie intake and calorie consumption is the most important. With other words, in order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you introduce in your body through food. Also, high intensity exercises will lead to the formation of lean muscle tissue, which is exactly what you need if you are looking to get a nicely carved body.

So, with the help of a heart rate monitor, you will get to see which of those exercises are that introduce a higher level of intensity in your training and how many calories you manage to burn. Just, do have in mind that if you push your muscles in high intensity training, you need to allow the muscle fibers to heal and repair, by taking breaks between training sessions. This means not to exercises at high intensity every day.

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You’ll be able to observe your physical effort

The best way to see just how much effort your body is depositing during physical training is to measure how much your heart works. Thus, you will be able to see if your workout is delivering the results and benefits you need, or if there is the need to make some adjustments about it.

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Always stay within safe parameters

Unrolling physical effort is good for your health, but overdoing it is not. How will you know whether you are close to crossing the line from being safe to putting too much strain on your heart? The heart rate monitor will give you all the info you need about the status of your heart. Not working out too hard also means that your body won’t burn off and leave you out of business for several days, due to sore muscles and aches. Ending up in a lot of pain is not the purpose of these workouts.

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Keep an eye on your progress more easily

Many professional trainers recommend monitoring and tracking your progress. This is not only great for remaining self-motivated, but it will also show you if some exercising are paying the desired results or you need to try something different. For this, you will have to pick those heart rate monitors that have the ability to store your performance during weeks of training and display it later on upon your request.

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It will keep you motivated and on track

Believe it or not, but a heart rate monitor knows when your training is not complete or when you did not exercise sufficiently to reach your desired goals. So, when you will see displayed on its screen that your training is incomplete or that you need to work out more, it will definitely stir a feeling of guilt inside of you. It is good to have a reminder that will make you aware of the set goals even in those moments in which cheating and slacking appear like a better option.

It is enough to start using a heart rate monitor to realize just how much support a little device can offer during your training. It is rather uplifting to actually see how your body burns those calories. Many people tend to quit training because they don’t see visible results of their work.

For someone that did not exercise for years or never, noticeable results may take a while to show. But, with the help of a heart rate monitor, anyone will be able to see that their body is actually working and that their training is not in vain. Summing up the calories burned yesterday, today, and the ones you will burn tomorrow will represent a very encouraging number of calories you actually burnt with the help of your workout. The device will allow you to see even the smallest progresses, so you will know that you are on the right track.

Believe it or not, it is a very big reward to see displayed on the screen of your heart rate monitor the message “calories burned” or “workout complete”. It means another goal that was set and reached successfully, one step closer to having the body you dream about. Considering that not very many people can afford a personal trainer to tell them all these things, something as small as a heart monitor can do this task with ease. It will tell you when you try harder and when you let it looser, so you won’t put too much strain on your body.

Due to the guidance offered by a heart rate monitor, a healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle, you will manage to reach your goals in no time. And when you think that you’ll be doing this in complete safety, knowing what is going on with your body at all times, it is even better.

Some may think it is weird to take advices from a small computer, but it is actually very useful and comforting. Use one and see just how much progress you can record during your workout sessions.

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