Types of Heart Rate Monitors

The main function of the heart rate monitor is to determine the rate of the heartbeat. The latest versions of the heart monitors will also help in knowing the amount of calories that you have used up during the workout session. This is a very useful for all wearable device users looking to stay fit and to achieve weight loss goals. There are plenty of different types of heart rate monitors on sale in the brick and mortar stores as well as the online stores. These will vary according to their functionality.  The following are some of the different types of heart rate monitors that you will come across.

Chest strapped heart rate monitors

The chest strap heart rate monitor is the most accurate monitor to read the heartbeat as it is placed very close to the heart. This monitor is strapped to the chest region of the user. It will have the necessary support to hold the unit in place on your chest. The chest strap will be containing electrodes or infra-red sensors that will be linked to the display unit. This will be the receiver end of the device and it is in most cases located on the wrist.

The display unit can be a very small unit that will be seen placed inside a wristwatch. The receiver will instantly sound a beep if the heart rate crosses the pre-defined limit. This is the simplest type of heart rate monitor that you can buy and is also the most accurate one.

These monitors offer continuous heart rate regains and will not hinder your movements. They are suited to be used for any kind of workout. Most of the athletes prefer to use the chest strapped monitors as it takes the reading automatically.

Wristwatch touch type monitor

The wristwatch monitors will only function if you touch the device either on the rim or press a button to get the heart rate reading. They should be placed in the same position where you wear your wristwatch. These watches will not provide you with the constant heart rate readings. They are small and compact and are also less expensive. They are suited only for people who would like to know their heart rate reading once in a while.

Continuous reading wristwatch

These modern-day wearable devices are very popular among the fitness freaks who love to know their heart rate reading when they are working out. These devices will give you continuous heart rate reading without the need of a chest strap. The wristwatch needs to be placed just above the wrist bone and they will snugly fit your wrist.

If they are placed in the correct position, the watches will display the accurate reading. These wristwatch monitors are perfect for all kinds of workouts. They are the costliest monitors than the chest strapped and the touch type wristwatches.

The heart rate monitors are offered by a wide variety of brands. There are plenty of popular sports watches that are fitted with heart rate monitors and they are Polar, Reebok, Nike, etc. These wristwatches with heart monitors are designed to fit the different types of popular workout practices that are done today.

We have a wide selection of heart rate monitor reviews, that will let you know the different types of monitors and their features.

Who should use heart rate monitors?

Any person who wants to know their fitness level can use the heart rate monitor. You will be able to improve your fitness level by knowing your heart rate level when you are doing work outs or indulged in strenuous outdoor activity. You will be able to avoid over workouts or under training with the help of this gadget. The following people will find a heart rate monitor extremely useful.

People Doing Workouts

People interested in workout activities like walking, jogging, aerobics and other cardiovascular workouts will be able to track their activity level by using these monitors. You can use them while you are on a treadmill, elliptical, etc.


Runners or sprinters will be able to track their heart rate and improve their performance in competitions by careful training. According to the heart rate, they can decide whether to go for speed training or interval training.


Tracking the heart rate helps the cyclists to improve their endurance through interval rides. Cyclists can get the feedback needed for improving their performance using the monitor.


Swimmers can get information about the distance covered, speed, and stroke count using the heart rate monitors with appropriate features.

Obese people

The people who are obese and trying to lose weight can use the heart rate monitors effectively.


Patients recovering from cardiac problems or other illness can get real time feedback using heart rate monitors.

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