Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Review

When you are trying to get into shape, you have to have tools that will help you do it in a way that is safe and smart; you need tools that will help you be smart in the way that you work out.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker and activity monitor, you will find that there are many brands and models to choose from, but not all will give you what you need, or stand the test of time.

Going through all the available products online for sale can leave you more confused than ever, so we will start you off in the right direction by discussing the A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor, which will offer you what you need in a fitness tracker as you work toward your fitness goals.


  • Sleep tracker—This monitor features a sleep tracker that allows you to know just how you are sleeping and to figure out what needs to be done in order to get better quality sleep
  • Customizable—This monitor can be customized so that it meets your specific needs. The programming of the monitor is set up so that you can make it work especially for you
  • Changeable wristbands—The wristbands of this monitor can be removed and changed out for different colors. You can switch whenever you feel like it and coordinate with the outfit you are wearing that day
  • Waterproof—This monitor can be used in all kinds of conditions without the danger of being damaged by water. This is helpful if you like to spend time running or working out in the outdoors and in any weather condition
  • Compatible—This monitor is compatible with the H7 Heart Rate Sensor, allowing you to get the maximum benefit out of it
  • Activity tracker—This A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor can be used to track all your activities, including the number of steps that you take. This tracks your movements through all hours of the day and night.


  • Great battery life—This monitor can run for days on end without the need for the battery to be charged
  • Smart notifications—This monitor offers you the opportunity to be notified when you receive emails and messages through a vibrating alarm
  • Reminder system—This monitor can be used to set up your reminders
  • Durability—This monitor is made in a way that will help it to stay in good shape through all kinds of use and for a long time
  • Works for all—Because this device can be changed up and customized, it is something that can work with the needs of different people with a mix of workout goals


  • Sporty style—Some may be put off by the fact that this monitor has a style that is very sporty in looks. It will not fit with a more sophisticated or classic style
  • Long strap—The strap of this watch is a little long and can be bothersome as the end of it sticks out and gets caught on clothing. It can also slide off of smaller wrists because of its large size
  • Inaccurate heartrate monitor. Some have found that the heartrate monitor that this features is not as accurate as it should be, which can cause issues if you are trying to keep your heart rate in a specific zone when working out


If you are looking for a device that you can wear as you work out, you will find that the A300 Fitness tracker has a lot to offer.

This is one fitness tracker that has entered the 21st century, and can be useful as you try to get in shape, and it is something that will stand up and continue to work as time goes on.

There may be a few small issues that you might have to deal with when you use this device, but overall the device is designed well, and has features, such as message notification and customization, that go beyond the basic fitness tracker and activity monitor.