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Garmin Vivofit JR and Children’s Health

In todays Lifestyle our children’s health is at risk because of what kids are eating – all day long. And that could affect their heart!

Do your kids eat too much processed food, too much junk food, too much fast food and move less?

When we talk about eating more fruits and vegetables to our kids, it’s not very inspiring, rather an unappetizing call for our kids which love sodas, fries, and candy bars.

The Children’s Health Study proves what we knew to be true all along:

Juice Plus+ makes a real difference in the health and wellness of our childresn. It’s the result of whole food based nutrition.

If you are new to Juice Plus+ , there is a big surprise and you will be impressed by a survey of 150,000 parents which shows that children who take Juice Plus+ are

  • Eating lessfast food and more fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking fewersoft drinks and more water
  • Visiting the doctor lessand attending school more

If you need a healthier lifestyle for your children, try this

Check out the video here: 



Established in 1999, the Children’s Health Study is a large-scale, multiyear survey designed to formally document the positive effects Juice Plus+ has on the health and wellness of families who take it. We’ve gathered more than 150,000 responses.

JP+ – The study of your childrens health is based on ta few important methods

1 Good nutrition is definitely one the foundation of health and inspires other healthy lifestyle choices, like loving to move and do sports.

2 The best time to establish good health and nutritional habits is during childhood.

3 ‘The involvement of parents is the key to getting children to adopt good and healthy habits.


After only one year on Juice Plus+, parents reported that their children and teenagers …

Read more about the Children’s Health Study.

Our Easter surprise for our lovely girl

We’re normally against gears for our kids, but this garmin had been on our 12-year-old’s girl wish list for a long time. She is such an active girl, so we knew she would love that aspect of these bands.

Magic tool – Check it out here – We like monitors that are water resistant for the kids.