How to Choose a Heart Rate Monitor

Buying the heart rate monitor for your need can be a challenging process as there are hundreds of models are available in the market with different features. Apart from knowing the monitor type and the features offered by the heart rate monitors, you need to consider the following things when you buy heart rate monitors. Joggers, walkers, runners, cyclists, athletes, patients, etc., can select the heart rate monitor easily after checking the list provided below.

Visibility of the display

The monitor should have easy to read display. Many monitors will have smaller and harder to find heart rate reading, which will be difficult to read when you are in outdoor areas for hiking, running, biking, etc. If you have monitors with great features, but difficult to read displays it will be a waste of money.

Ease of use

Select models of heart rate monitors that are user-friendly.  If it is difficult to set the monitor to read the heart rate you will end up not using it. So, the heart rate monitor that you buy should be easy to set to take the target reading.


It is important for the user to get indications of low heart rate and higher heart rate. This is very important when you are exercising or the user has some medical conditions. Look for heart rate monitors that give warning sounds when the heart rate goes below or above a certain rate.

Continuous tracking

The response time of the heart rate monitors varies. Some may report, the heart rate changes continuously and some may have a longer response time and report the changes with a lag.  It is not advisable to use monitors which show the heart rate with massive jumps.


The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is important to get the correct readings. Go for models with a chest strap to get an accurate reading. Models which use your wrist or fingers to take readings will not be as accurate as the ones that use the chest strap. There are monitors which come with chest straps which can be used to read the heart rate accurately while using cardio equipment for a workout.

Strap or band comfort

You need to look for the comfort of using the chest strap or the wrist band when you are selecting the heart rate monitor. Some people will find the wrist band models more comfortable than the chest strap models. However, if you are looking for more accurate reading goes for chest strap models with soft, flexible and comfortable strap.  The strap and bands will be in contact with the skin and there are chances of sweat causing discomfort when you use low-quality straps.

Battery life

Whether you need a feature rich heart rate monitor or the base models, you need to consider the battery life of the monitor. It is better to go for models which offer at least 2 years of battery life.  There are models with a rechargeable battery or replaceable battery which are easy to use and maintain.


If you are looking for models with high and latest features the price of the monitor will be higher. If you are using the heart rate monitor only for recreational or exercising need, you can opt for base models which are less expensive.

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