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Which HR Suits Your Style, Fitness Level and Your Budget

Physical fitness is (again) one of the latest trends.

Style – Fitness – Budget

This is the reason that people want to make sure that they have the best exercise plans that will help them to stay fit. However, to monitor the results of their workout they are also using the Heart rate monitors for exercise.

There might be a great variety of heart monitors available in the marketplace. It is a wrong concept that men and women use the same monitor to check their progress. It is fact that there is a difference in the hearts of both genders so how can the monitor be same? So here are a few cool tips, you should understand before selecting the heart rate monitor for your exercises:

Your heart is at the center of your circulatory system and vital to your health

The reason for having different monitors for male and female is that there is a clear physical difference in the anatomy of their hearts.

•         It is a reality that a man’s heart is 25% larger than woman’s

•         As of the large size, it is easier for a man’s heart to pump more blood with ease

•         This is the reason that a male’s body has more speed, endurance, strength, and energy

•         So males can run and perform better than females

•         On the other hand, woman’s heart can beat 6 times faster than a  man’s heart

You must be wondering that all these factors have nothing to do with the fitness heart monitors. So why different heart monitors have been developed for different genders? The answer to your question lies in the explanation below.

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Heart rate monitors for exercise, style and design

The major difference in the monitor for males and females lies in the design and style. Some of the major differences that you will come across on the fitness heart monitors developed for women are:

•         They have a compact size and are lighter in weight to make them easy to carry

•         The monitors are available in vibrant colors that will meet the personality of the females

•         Heart monitors are been designed to easily fit in most bras

•         They are comfortable to wear with bra and have strapless models that make them even more convenient.

•         The transmitter of Heart rate monitors for exercise has a different construction as well

My Opinion

When you are selecting a heart monitor there is nothing to worry about the difference in models that have been designed for males or females. As the major difference is only in their construction and of course design. So make sure that you select the monitor that you will feel most comfortable with. As the purpose of this device is to help you be satisfied with your exercise plan. So that you can get the results your desire.

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