Fitbit Charge 2 Review

Now, you can track your heart rate continuously without having to bother with chest straps. Fitbit Charge 2 looks just like a watch, which you can wear even while not working out. What’s more is it doesn’t just monitor your heart rate - it also tracks the amount of calories you burn and have burned.


  • PurePulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day
  • Maximize your workouts using simplified heart rate zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak)
  • See call, text & calendar notifications on the OLED display; Automatically track how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent vibrating alarm
  • Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score; Use Connected GPS during run mode to see real-time stats like pace and distance on your wrist
  • Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes;Find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate


  • Beautiful design - This heart rate monitor is designed to look just like a digital watch, so it doesn’t just avoid inconveniencing you in any way - it also looks awesome when worn. You can wear it around your wrist even when not working out, so in the case that you need it, you can easily monitor your heart rate, calories, steps, and active minutes 24/7.
  • Yes, it tracks those things too - Fitbit Charge 2 also tracks the amount of calories you have burned, your steps, and active minutes so you can have a better understanding of your overall health and fitness level.
  • Easy setup - It is very easy to set up, and you can do that in just less than 10 minutes. You just have to set it up with the app that you have to download on your phone to sync the data.
  • Comfortable wear - Its band assures that you can wear it comfortable the whole day, seven days a week (if you want to) without feeling uncomfortable. It is made of silicone, allowing for comfortable wear even for long periods of time. It is also extremely lightweight, so that you are not bothered by something on your wrist while working out.
  • Organized - Despite its advanced technology, Fitbit is really easy to navigate. It is organized so you can scroll through its menus without challenge. It is optimized to display everything you need all at once, while staying simple. Fitbit’s beauty is truly in its simplicity.
  • Text and call notifications - Fitbit Charge 2 doesn’t just track your heart rate, once set up, it alerts you if you have an incoming call or text, so that even when you are not around your mobile device, you know if you have an important message or call. It also alerts you for events in your calendar. It doesn’t just help with workouts - it also offers overall convenience.
  • Breathing and relaxation function - It has a breathing and relaxation function that monitors your breathing and detects if you need to slow it down to relax. This is a great feature and is especially helpful is you are frequently stressed. This makes it a good substitute to stress monitors.
  • Accurate - Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most popular heart rate monitors on the market because of its accuracy. Despite OHR trackers being known for inaccuracy, these are one of the most reliable ones.
  • Pre-programmed workouts - The device contains workouts plans pre-programmed in it so you can start working out in just a matter of seconds. You also have something to guide you through it.


  • Too simple-looking - There isn’t much that we don’t like about this heart rate monitor, but some users have commented about the Fitbit Charge 2 looking too simple and basic. If you want a flashy watch/heart rate tracker, it’s best to look into other heart rate monitors.


Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most accurate and reliable OHR-type heart rate monitors. Not only does it work accurately, it also provides comfort with its silicone armband, so you can wear for long periods of time without feeling sweaty and hot around your wrist. It also provides convenience as it has a smart notification feature, letting you know if you have an important message or call even when you are not around your phone.

Fitbit Charge 2 is a good heart rate tracker that effectively doubles as a smart watch, and is definitely worth the price because of its additional features and user-friendliness.

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