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Polar Fitness Tracker and The Freedom to Get Fit

Do you hate diets or exercising? Find the tracker that’s right for you to help you reach your weight goal!

Well the best weight loss options are not crash diets but a diet program that continues to allow you to live and enjoy life!

Here are some of the biggest problems with any weight loss program and the reason they set people up for failure:

  • You starve yourself by counting “calories” or deprive yourself of eating flavorful, delicious food? Traditional “diet” plans set you up for complete failure and yo-yo weight-loss and gain.
  • Diets are really easy to fail at, most diets require you follow the plan to the letter all the time, and when you slip it is really hard to start again.
  • A structured diet program often makes you feel deprived. They focus on what you can’t eat, and that naturally increases the feelings of missing out on something.
  • You need constant willpower and discipline. It is impossible to stay focused and motivated all the time, and that causes “slipping” or “falling off the wagon”.
  • You think of a diet as temporary. Usually diets are seen as a change in behavior until a certain amount of weight is lost. But what happens then?
  • Some people are not “ready to lose weight” yet, mentally they are not tuned into the weight loss program

Most people perceive easy weight loss as going on a temporary crash diet and once the goal weight is attained they can “eat whatever they want again”.

Crash diets refers to willful nutritional restriction 

Danger of Crash Diets: The desired result is to have the body burn fat for energy with the goal of losing a significant amount of weight in a short time. There is a possibility of muscle loss, depending on the approach used.

Crash diets can be dangerous to health and this method of weight loss is not recommended by medical doctors.

Crash dieting is not the same as intermittent fasting, in which the individual periodically abstains from food (e.g every other day).

Are you meeting your weight loss goals?

If not, determine what might be the problem. Add another half hour of walking each week or cut out second helpings.

Challenge yourself through adversity. Check out calories burned with best wrist heart rate monitor.

That means work hard, push yourself and feel a little discomfort if it means helping you reach your goals. Understand and acknowledge that change is not easy. If it were, you would have already achieved your goal. We tend to revert to previous behaviors when change gets difficult. Now is the time to develop new life behaviors.

  • You have a choice in what you get or don’t get.
  • You choose to have success or you choose to have failure.
  • There is nothing in between the two except you.
  • What you choose to think about will be what you get.
  • Focus on failure and no amount of effort will bring you the success you desire.
  • The thing to do is focus your mind on success.

So what has this got to do with the best wrist heart rate monitor?

You can reach your goals faster! The tracker does what most others do right now. It counts steps, how many miles you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, and how much of your daily goal you’ve accomplished.

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