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Can Kids Really Benefit From Fitness Trackers?  Yes They Can!

Fitness trackers are becoming ever more popular among adults but a question exists among parents.

Whether or not fitness trackers can benefit kids.

Sometimes kids ask for them but parents are unsure whether to purchase a fitness tracker or not.  We have written this article to help you determine whether or not your kids can really benefit from a fitness tracker and make the decision on whether to buy one or not.

Our answer to whether or not fitness trackers can be a benefit for kids is YES!  We really believe that the modern child can benefit from the extra help a fitness tracker can provide.

Television, video games, the internet and other activities in the modern age keep kids inside and sedentary.  That is absolutely no good for anyone, especially kids.  It is so easy to lose track of time sitting in front of devices.  That is one of the main reasons we believe it is so beneficial.

Tracking Kids Fitness

Fitness trackers sit on your wrist and count how many steps you take, your activity level, heart rate, and much more.

garmin and losing weight

When they do this your kids are learning how inactive they have been.  Then it starts buzzing and tells them to get off their behinds and get moving.  They will have to start walking and being active.

Being active is quickly turned into a game where they have to meet a certain number of steps in order to appease the fitness gods.  Once they have, they will be awarded with a congratulations and suggestion that they keep moving.

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Kids fitness device apps

Through fitness device apps your kids can compete with their other friends to make the most steps in a day, weekend, or week.  Once again we are bringing fitness competitions to the youth and getting them outside.  Why wouldn’t you want to help your kids get out and enjoy themselves?

Gamifying fitness has been proven through both testing and experience (including ours) to be one of the best ways to engage people of all ages.  Striving to get achievements, medals, and being able to compete are all pluses.

Not only will your kids get kicked in the behind to be more active, they will get to learn about the world of fitness.  It all starts with learning how being active can change your life but the apps associated with fitness trackers will take it beyond that.  Kids also learn about healthy eating, various exercises they can do, heart rates, and more.

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Kids get more active

A great step towards being more active is learning about the process.  The skills and information your kids learn through using fitness trackers are lifelong skills that will set them up for a better future.  We want our kids to have a better future so we know you want yours to, too.

Lifelong skills are created with fitness trackers through the formation of good habits.  Not sitting still for too long is a good example of one of those good habits.  Making the healthy choice when it comes to food is another one.

Some parents are concerned about the use of a fitness tracker leading to unhealthy relationships with children’s food and fitness habits.  There is no connection between using a fitness device and poor mental habits.  It is just the opposite, even those who have good fitness skills already will learn new things.

Garmin, Fitbits and other personal activity devices don’t inspire your kids to eat less or over work themselves.  Instead, these devices encourage your kids to learn healthy habits that are the same as some kids are taught around the world.  They are a further push to be the young, energetic people that they are supposed to be.


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Making big changes

Setting your kid up with a fitness tracker can make a big change in their life.

You will notice them starting to move away from computer time and towards activity time.  These outdoor activities will help them to live a better life, reducing chances of diseases and maintaining a healthy body image.

Why not join your kids and get your own fitness tracker?  Go down the road to healthy living with your kids.

Two of the best kids fitness trackers people love most

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