Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Lose Weight

You think thousands of thoughts each day.

You talk to yourself more than anyone else. You are your most trusted advisor and confidant. Many of the conversations that you have with yourself you would never share with anyone else because to do so would expose the “real” you.

The YOU that is filled with self doubt, worries, sadness, guilt, hurt and disappointments.

But this is not the “real you” at all. This is the YOU that your ego and belief systems have constructed from. These negative beliefs have been constructed by you, and accepted by you as truth. The sad thing is that nothing can be further from the truth.

Where did these false ideas about you originate? They mostly came from others; parents, teachers, co-workers, and friends. They might have planted the seed by saying something like “she is fat” and you have cultivated those comments to the point that they have become your truth.

You are allowing your entire life to be controlled by some obscure comments made years ago.

Nobody has the right or power to dictate who you are.  Only you know who you truly are and what’s in your heart.

When you were born you entered this world without the burdens of you current negative belief system.  You entered this world as a beautiful bundle of joy filled with unlimited potential and possibilities.

I’m here to tell you that you have not changed.  You are still and will always be a beautiful bundle of joy with unlimited potential and possibilities.

The only difference is what you give your attention to.  Let me ask you a question.  If you stopped all the negative talk that you currently have with yourself such as;

  • I’m too fat
  • Why would anyone want to love me
  • I will never be thin
  • I always fail

And the list can go on and on…

How would you feel ?  Do you think that you would feel emotionally lighter?  Do you think that you would feel happier?  Do you think that you would feel more confident?

Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Lose Weight


Now how do you think your life would change if you were to go one step further and modify your self talk by only speaking positively about yourself.  If you take some time and focus on what you like about yourself and focus on only that your emotional state will become positive to the point that you will be able to accomplish anything.

Once you begin looking for the positive things within you, you will be surprised to realize your magnificence has always been there just below the surface.  You have never been anything other then that shining bundle of joy that entered the world years ago.  It’s easy to uncover positive aspects of yourself by asking some questions.

  • What am I good at?
  • Who has benefited by me being in the world?
  • Who am I, what is in my heart that only I know?
  • What do I like about my body?

Your goal is to feel good now.  How do you feel now?  If you only observe what you feel is positive about you, you will feel good, you will be happy.  Decide right here and right now how you want to feel.  Decide that you will always look for the good within you and appreciate that goodness.

So what does all of this have to do with losing weight?


Your emotional state is the control valve that determines what you draw into your experience.  How you talk to yourself creates your beliefs and programs your subconscious.  So you need to ask yourself do you want your beliefs and subconscious programming to be based on false negative thinking.  Or do you want your beliefs to be based on the truth, that you are and always have been a perfect being.

Begin today to love and nurture yourself. Allow the joy, playfulness and enthusiasm that you naturally had as a child begin to flow into your everyday experiences.  Allow yourself to celebrate each and every success no matter how small.  Love and appreciate yourself every opportunity you have.  Do this everyday and watch your weight begin to dissolve just as your old negative beliefs about yourself begin to dissolve.

YOUR Internal Dialog Is The Key To Success

Say yes to yourself:

Life is too short for being disappointed all the time with your weight. Just see it as it is – than act with pleasure

Talk is easy – What is your little voice saying?

Listen carefully, because that has a major impact on your current weight and the so called “failure” of your previous diets.

Let´s talk about your little voice and the hidden programs of your mind.

Reprogram yourself slim while listening to your new story 

The real reason most people struggle with their weight and their dieting is because, they think that being thin will be too difficult. They think being thin will be a constant struggle or even worse that they’ll suffer through dieting and the weight still won’t come off. People don’t want an effort, we are brought up in a society that wants and needs instant gratification.

This being so, the biggest problem is that people give themselves bad choices such as:

“I can be overweight and eat what I want and enjoy my life”


“I can be thin but bored, stressed, miserable and deprived!”

This isn’t really a very good choice and not one that most people really could make. People do things for EMOTIONAL REASONS only.

For Example:

  • Why do people eat dessert when they want to lose weight?
  • Why do people smoke when they know it’ll kill them?
  • Why do people eat certain foodstuffs even when they know they are allergic to it?

Because they try and justify it logically. This is why people struggle to lose weight.

They think about all the reasons why they should go on a diet. “I’d be healthier”, “I’d feel better”. The problem is that when those logical sanitized reasons come up against the thought that is chocolate cake, the diet goes out the window, it’s no match. They make themselves feel better by promising themselves that they will eat even less the day after.

Help Yourself Stay In Control While On Your Diet Program

  • I am in control of myself, at all times and in all situations
  • Whenever eating, I really enjoy eating less
  • I never feel the need to finish the food in front of me.
  • I am never tempted to take one bite more than I should
  • One way to loose weight that is easy and works, is less food on my plate and on my fork.
  • When I sit down to eat, at no time do I allow anyone else to influence, tempt or discourage me in any negative way.
  • I give no one the right to hinder or control my success.
  • I am achieving my weight loss goal for my own personal reasons, for myself, my future and my well-being
  • I am strong. I am capable of reaching my goal
  • Being in situations which put a lot of food in front of me is not a problem to me now
  • I say No to the food and YES to my success
  • I love to move my body. I feel so alive when I move and that´s what I do now everyday
  • When I move my body releases endorphins. I feel so great and confident.
  • Every day I love myself more, respect myself more and take responsibility form y well being.
  • That gives me the confidence to reach my goal.
  • I believe in it, I work at it, I stay with it, I deserve it, I make it happen and I achieve it.

Belief And Success

Life has different colors. It presents us with various problems from time to time. Sometimes the obstacles are small and sometimes they are so big, that one stops on the way. Looking and thinking about the obstacles of such magnitude, one starts believing that they are Insurmountable.

At this point in our life, what about asking ourselves few questions about our belief? What if someone tells you- believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, and believe that whatever may be the obstacle, you have the strength to overcome it. Believe and you will find a way.

YOUR beliefs

The focus is on belief.

  • What do we believe about our abilities?
  • Do we believe that we can overcome any obstacle?
  • Do we believe that we have the ability?
  • Do we have strong faith in our persistence?
  • Do we know how to think and find out ways?
  • Do we think that we are the winners?

These are the questions that we should ask ourselves.

What is belief and how does it help us succeed?

Belief, a very strong belief in our ability gives us the strength and the positive attitude that helps us find out answers to every problem. If we believe that we will be able to find the solution, we will be excited to work towards it. If we doubt our ability, then we have already lost the war.

Belief is a very strong medicine and it works in wonderful ways. Believe that you will be able to find out all solutions. Believe that you will overcome all problems. Believe that you will emerge successful. Believe that you are a winner. Believe that you deserve success. Believe that you have the mental and physical strength to fight against all the odds. Believe.

There can be no bigger magic than strong belief.