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Garmin and The Best 5 Health Treatments That You Should Try

Gain amazing results

One of the best things about changing a lifestyle is that you can have a new way for a fresh beginning. Like a superfood on a plate, a capsule that will help you stay healthy or tracking an exercise plan that will enhance your strength.

My Fitness tracker is my health motivator

When you get a continuous feedback on the fitness program that you have started it motivates to keep going. The heart rate or fitness tracker has been introduced in the market that is helping the individuals stay more fit by recording and displaying their health status and the amount calories they have burned.

I can tell you quickly what my my Garmin does:

It tracks my daily step count and my morning floors climbed when I get the newspaper, it shows me in the afternoon my distance traveled and how many calories I burned until then. The cool move bar displays me the amount of time I was inactive. So my brain tells me – not much choice if you want to get fit, so I get up, pull up, move up.

My daily and weekly goals: it displays my progress. My Garmin proposes also a new step goal for each day. Mega cool. So I can customize how many steps or floors I do daily or weekly using my Garmin Connect.

My Heart rate: Yes it displays my current heart rate and a weeks resting heart rate in beats per minute (bpm)

I get notified: in combination with my smartphone, it notifies me on all my social network updates and much more like calls and messages.

We have some of the best 5 health trends that you should follow in the next 6 months.

Plant Water the Superdrink

You might have heard about the coconut water but it is the time that you pay attention towards aloe water, cactus water, maple water or many others. Make sure that you exclude the soda drinks from your diet and include the plant water. They not only have an exceptional taste but also will provide your body with many health benefits. The level of antioxidants and electrolytes will be balanced by drinking plant waters.

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Spirulina natural food color

Due to the harmful effects of the food colors, many of the companies have changed them with the natural food colors. They have been using several spices to created red, orange and yellow color. However, blue and green were too hard to achieve. Recently this issues has been resolved as well with the discovery of blue-green algae called Spirulina that has been helping to provide the natural blue color. Using the natural food coloring has become a trend.

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Convenient Exercise

The convenient body weight exercises are gaining popularity among the individuals that are looking forward to losing weight or maintain their health. The benefit of this exercise is that you can adjust it according to your requirements and needs. As well as you can plan the time, repetitions and HIIT that you would like to perform. It would allow you to change the plan according to your convenience.

So now make sure that you follow the trends that you are most comfortable with. They will surely provide you with the several health benefits. Do not forget to share with us the trends that you practiced and the effects that you noticed.

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The power of whole food nutrition

Whole foods put you back in touch with food’s real taste, real texture, and whole fiber.

Eating whole foods allows you to keep a good balance of enzymes in your body as well. When you blend a weight reduction plant higher in whole foods with the use of juicing, you get the added gain of concentrated vitamins and minerals in a readily bioavailable form.

The Guru of Juicing

Dr. Norman Walker, a, naturopathic physician helped thousands of people regain their health through the use of juice.

The Juice Man

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily as a means of delivering much-needed enzymes, vitamins and minerals was highlighted in the 1990s by Jay Kordich, who saved his own life through nutritional changes, especially juicing. He says: Fruit and vegetable juices are the cleansers, energizers, builders, and regenerators of the human system. Specifically, fruits are our cleansers and energizers and vegetable juices are our builders, and regenerators. Further he mentiones in his report that supplying the body with easily absorbable nutrients, so that anybody, even with compromised immune sytems or assimilation challenges, juicing penetrates into our intestinal walls, making assimilation almost immediate. This is because when you juice freshly made fruit or vegetable juices, they are 100% pre-digested.

Juices put relatively little stress on the digestive system, because they

help “detox” your body, encourages weight loss, and packs you so full of fruity nutrients and veggie vitamins. Easy to absorb and their nutrients go direct into your bloodstream within minutes, on the contrary to the long time it takes to digest a full meal, and to the small amounts of nutrients available to the body even after a few hours of digestion.

Most of our foods we eat are already cooked, which destroys 40-60 percent of the amino acids, a large percentage of the minerals, and all the enzymes if cooked at a temperature higher than 120°F. Many people have been feeding themselves with overcooked, deficient food, and because juicing uses fresh, raw food, these privations are avoided.

For people who are sick 

Juice can make a remarkable difference for all who are sick. All at once, your body gets fed with easy-to-digest liquid, food/liquid nutrients, and enzymes. That can be a tremendous boost to the immune system, as well as to overall health. Juicing is such a safe and effective way to rebalance the body, no matter what its condition. With juices you can cleanse your system, rebuild it, and balance it.

Cravings for unhealthy or unnecessary foods. 

Using of juice between meals is one of the most effective ways to cut down on longings for unhealthy or unnecessary foods. What really makes us feel dull and slack is eating several big meals a day. Freeing up the energy used for digestion is very important for your intellective activity. You start to feel supplied by the juice in a way you haven’t observed before and out of this you will choose to eat in a way that supports this new form of nutriment. Juice itself is not a therapy but a foundation for other therapies. Some people can`t radically change their eating habits,  but almost everybody can start drinking juice.

Juice Propositions

Fruit juices are “the cleansers” and vegetable juices are “the essential toners and builders.” In general, I recommend drinking fruit juice in the morning and vegetable juice in the afternoon and evening.

A Real Juicing Equivalent

People often start juicing with great excitement, but then lose interest and miss keeping up the daily program, because they don’t want to take the time nor energy to prepare for juicing, either their schedules make it difficult to have fresh juices every day, they lead a busy lifestyle or constantly on the road, when getting out of the juicing habit becomes a necessity.

Others are being hold off from even trying any juicing program because of the expense of a high-quality juicer and fresh produce in large quantities. The commitment to better health through food is one that many are incapable or reluctant to make.

But I have good news if you are health-conscious and looking for a advantageous way to have juice when working or making a journey, or like the health benefits of juicing without the daily labor. 

I learned over many years that a powdered juice with the fiber added back to it and enzymes can provide a balanced base as well as a superb alternative or addition to juicing. The beauty is that it is possible to concentrate several types of juice into one capsule or 1 teaspoon of powder, thus providing the nutrients of 26 different vegetables, fruits and berries at once.

This article is excerpted from Dr. Santillo’s book:  The Power of Nutrition with Enzymes

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This will be OMEGA Blend Plant based NON GMO all pure vegan capsules. The difference will be – that they have Omega nutrition’s essential balance 3, 5, 6, 7 and  9 ALL PLANT BASE.

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By the way, a short note on primary research: you can’t just simply throw foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals into a capsule without regard for their interactions and effects on each other. Many individual herbs are terrific for the heart, for example, but if combined in the wrong mixture, they maybe minimally helpful or not at all.

The Company will go completely VEGAN this year. After 3 years of testing to come up with a plant base encapsulation that does not break during shipment. WOW.