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5 Most Common Excuses to Skip Your Physical Workout and How to Overcome Them

Everybody is making plans and picture themselves respecting those plans, although this is not what happens in real life. Even if you make a workout schedule, the biggest challenge is to have enough motivation to respect it and be consistent about it. No matter how much enthusiasm you have, there is the chance for it to break and you’ll end up wishing to skip your training. If you find yourself among the following situations, using the most common excuses to avoid working out, here is what to do to stay on track.

No available time

If you think you are the only one with a busy schedule, you are terribly wrong. There are so many people that have busy lives, with schedules that may be even busier than yours, and still find the time to work out. Those people are well aware that physical exercising is great for their health and state of mind. In fact, you don’t need more than 30 minutes of exercising per day, which you can split in half, exercising for 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the evening.

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The weather is simply terrible

It is so easy to get carried away and end up in a sleepy mood when the weather is bad, like when it is raining or it is cold outside. It is true that outdoor exercising is more pleasant, but this doesn’t mean that a cloudy day or unpleasant weather should bring you down. You can still find ways to exercise indoors when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor exercising.

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You’re feeling tired

When someone is feeling tired, the only thing that person thinks about is to crush in bed or on a sofa. So, working out is at the bottom of the list. Overcoming this demonstrates a strong willpower and determination, plus it will help a lot to think about those moments when you felt great, helping you get on your feet and ready to do some training. Also, do consider adjusting your exercises according to your physical shape, going for lighter ones when you’re feeling beat and saving the intense exercises when you’re in a better shape.

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It’s too expensive

No one will argue with you that attending fitness centers is not a cheap thing, neither are some fitness equipments. Still, there are some alternatives that won’t take too much money out of your pocket. Check to see if there is a recreational center or YMCA in your city, because these places are far more affordable than fitness centers. Also, you will find yoga mats and dumbbells quite cheap, giving you the chance to work out at home.

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It doesn’t feel good

Not all people are used to working out, so activities of this kind can seem rather unpleasant, especially if they get you tired and give you muscles aches. But, the best part is that there are very many physical activities out there that you can try, so don’t hesitate to check out several until you find one that is actually pleasant for you to do. Instead of traditional fitness, Zumba training may be more fun for you. Or instead of jogging, swimming may seem more exciting.

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My opinion:

Just be aware that working out is great for your health and you will find the best solution that will make this routine an enjoyable one. Take a good rest, a good sleep and for this I use the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, in burgundy color. What a magic way to move or should I say sleep!

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