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In 1982, the birth of Nike Air subverts the rules of the game. The Contemporary Legend of the stadium into their temple, showing beyond the extraordinary charm of life, to Liaoyuanzhishi swept every corner of life; to jump and leap Ling City Centre, overlooking the world. however, a different generation has arrived, and the new warriors have risen. Although the name remains unchanged, the rules of the game have been redefined, and a new generation of elegance has emerged - the Nike Air. Nike Air represents a new generation of el cheap jordans for sale ite basketball style. It is not only a series of sportswear, but also an attitude. It shows the fearless spirit of jumping the basket and controlling everything. It is also a bold display of self inside and outside the stadium. the past twenty years, the basketball movement has deep roots in the region, many of the elite basketball continue to emerge, to show the world their basketball talent, transfer their dedication and love for basketball. Yi Jianlian is one of the best, from a three to three street basketball match in the bas Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ketball young, to the present Chinese men's basketball team deserves the leader, play his dream come true. basketball is a part of life and life for me. Since I was 10 years old, I have been training for more than ten years. It has brought me a lot of experience. I have learned a lot from it. From interest to career, from hobby to dream. "Yi Jianlian said. Yi Jianlian's current major task is to lead the young Chinese team back to its peak in asia. He said: "no matter what kind of player you want to be, you have a direction and a Retro jordans for sale goal, and then work in a direction and a goal.". "." Chinese basketball young striker Koran Schoenberg believe that basketball is a stick strength, hard spirit is the Kirghiz young people the most valuable qualities. "Every day I try to do what I have to do with an attitude of effort and a sense of gratitude towards things around me. Regardless of difficulties or setbacks, I have a relaxed and positive attitude to face, for me, life is like this. "The Koran Hornbeck said. Ding Yan Yu Hang has a very good basketball talent, in th cheap jordan shoes for men e League before joining occupation has been a minor celebrity. In the face of injuries and intense team competition, he is still eager to train in the national team's shirt to move to a higher stage. "For the dream, you can overcome any injuries or difficulties, as long as you have a dream.". "Ding Yan Yu Hang said. The road to basketball has never been smooth sailing. Chen Xiaorong, a new generation player from Taiwan, has not been able to compete in a high-level event since his high school basketball league (HBL), and now he is Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping returning to the dream stage. "It's good to play basketball as a hobby, but when you want to go to higher levels, there are a lot of setbacks," Chen Xiaorong said. "Don't give up your dreams and stick to it.". "."The Stadium on the new generation of awe, they see the basketball life, unremittingly, willing to pay all never yield in spite of reverses. Nike A〉Although Under Armour has not yet officially released Curry 3, but there are many versions of the sample outflow seems to have real faces of the shoes themselves to la cheap jordans for sale mens y the foundation, but also bring out their exploration of the infinite imagination space. The two pairs of color from the latest exposure seems quite a chance to become collocation warriors Away Jersey color, most caught my eye block is first appeared in the carbon fiber material Curry series, it is printed on the handwritten signature words Curry, to make the black style more hardcore combat wind, the other the allocation of science and technology as well as the concept of complete design temporarily anticipated follow-up to us for cheap jordans online further explanation of the official rom.. source: @thebasketballshoes Since the publication of LeBron, Soldier 10 color to the offensive continuously, the previously launched "Strive for Greatness" black color collocation and raw rubber soled that triggered considerable attention. Raw rubber soled in appearance always give people a strong sense of combat, very fit and LeBron Soldier 10 line style to say. The launch of the new "White Gum" as the name suggests, the color changed to all white tone collocation students glue, visual cheap foamposites is also another new feeling. LeBron Soldier 10 in addition to the devil felt as the sign of the band have series, designed to be more daring the shoelace abandon has more concise and sharp appearance, believe that in terms of collocation or wearing feeling let everyone look forward to. LeBron Soldier 10 'White Gum' is scheduled for sale on July at us time, priced at $140. Source: Sneaker source: NikeNike KD 7 will be 2/19 at a specific point in succession to sell part of the store shop, due to complete the investment required fo Cheap air jordans for sale r the 2/18 Festival should sign. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Shang Chi basketball concept store (2/18 investment sign) , a well-known French brand A.P.C., has recently launched a joint high DUNK NIKE shoe. In fact, A.P.C. and NIKE has long been not the first cooperation, the previously launched joint AIR MAX 1 and Tennis Classic are widely acclaimed, and the Retro jordans for sale refore this joint, as a high degree of expectations. The joint select NIKE famous DUNK HIGH style, with blue and white, and bring out the winter atmosphere of camel color, rubber soles and suede shoe body is more points where. This joint fund has been on sale at A.P.C. online shop, and friends who like it have to act quickly. more pictures: keedan from in Antwerp, Belgium, graffiti, design units Eltipo graphic with unrestrained imagination and creativity release too many amazing works. And in their graffiti history has also been working with a bicycle shop to create a series of cooperation. Project Bike pioneered by the cycling driver Terclavers Daan, the flagship store Fixie, road and urban vehicles and other categories of models. In order to give the car store some special surprise fans, Terclavers Eltipo to find a Graphic Daan to create cooperation. In this group of projects, both sides with tattoos, bicycles and graffiti concept illustration as the origin and design, launched a riding clothes, hats, sweaters and T-shirts and other things. At the same time, Graphic Eltipo also for the car store designed a special product book and wallpaper, together to enjoy it!US sportswear brand NIKE intends to terminate Asia 4 shoe orders, specializing in OEM NIKE footwear Yue Yuen (00551) means continued cooperation with NIKE, these measures will not be affected this morning after the stock first and then back, now 17 yuan, down 1 percent. It rose 1.28 percent early part had to 17.4 yuan.Ewing athletics brought this first pre-sale of Ewing 33 Hi "B / W" color, a simple black and white color tone by white leather stitching black suede, signs of EWING and 33 the words appear in the tongue and heel. This section is now available in Athletics Ewing official store shelves. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: City Kicks Rock